Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jori's new adventure

Well, it has been almost 10 years since I graduated from college and I am still not a teacher! LOL!! I have been in retail, the beauty arena, banking, parenting, and wifery. (Is that a word??) I have loved the last two, of course, and the other three have left me wanting. I decided, after much counseling with a friend (thanks Court), that I would go "back to school." I enrolled in Wilton's cake decorating classes and fell in love! I then enrolled in a professional pastry chef program here at a local cooking school, and am one week in and am loving it!! I am anxious to see where this new found passion will take me. The following are some of my assignments and finally, my creation for Brian's graduation party. I will keep you all posted, and if a shopping site is ever available, I will let you all know!!! ;o) Sweet dreams to all!!!
My first cake creation. I learned to do the "Wilton Rose" It needs some work, but it sure is tasty to mess up!!
Another assignment cake...learned different tips and techniques.
My final project for my last class. The flowers are made out of royal icing and are all edible. The birds are also made out of icing and you can eat them. This cake is also basket weaved around the sides...I hate basket weave!! But I passed and learned, so I guess it was worth it! :o)

My creation for Brian's graduation. The bottom of the hat is cake covered in fondant. The top is fondant and I piped "Class of 2009" around it...the tassel is Brian's actual tassel. He loved it, and that is what was important!! Fun to do, for sure!! By the way, my hands are still blue!! Here I am, surrounded by my creations. The cake is center, and all around are cupcakes that I made, filled, and frosted. They were chocolate and orange cupcakes with a smooth butter cream filling and frosting flavored with a hint of orange. Some are topped with little grad caps I made out of sugar frosting. It was a labor of love, and he loved it...and they tasted yummylicious!!! Now to just think of a name for the bakery....HA HA

Skylar 3-4 month pictures and update

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Skylar has had so many big things happen in the past few months. So sorry we haven't kept you all more informed, so here's a go at catching you up. She has grown so very quickly!!

First things first, we are free and clear of her monitor!! YEAH!! Praise the LORD! She is healthy and completely free of any issues. She has now been monitor free for about 3 weeks. What a relief! The same day we removed the monitor, she started laughing. What a joyous sound. Thank heaven for little girls, that is for sure!!! And a few days later she started rolling over. Funny girl, she is backwards...while most kids start on their tummies and roll to their backs, Skylar is the opposite. She starts on her back, and rolls to her tummy. And then get frustrated because she can't flip back over. Oh well, it will come soon no doubt.

We have celebrated my birthday, mom's birthday, mother's day, father's day, a trip to Legoland, Tim's college graduation, Gracie's preschool graduation, and finally, Brian's college graduation. It has been a crazy 2 months...yes, all that in only two months!!! Can't wait to see what happens in the next few!! Love to all!!

Skylar's first Disneyland trip and Jori's 32nd birthday

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For my 32nd birthday, we decided to go to Disneyland...I know, tough choice! It also was Skylar's first trip there! What a blast! We spent two days at Disneyland with my two kiddos, hubby, and mom and Don. It was super special, cause Leslie and her mom and dad joined us for the day on my birthday...what fun we all had!!

Skylar just lit up when she was in Small World, worth the whole trip....eyes bigger than saucers and mouth full of smiles!!! Brian and I were also able to celebrate an anniversary. The day before my birthday was 8 years since he proposed to me. He did this inside of Sleeping Beauty's castle, and they closed it 3 weeks later. Well, much to my surprise, they reopened it this Christmas, so we went back and reenacted it with our two kiddos. How perfect was that?!? I was thrilled to be back and able to show it to Gracie. She thought it was just amazing.

And the topper was my birthday gift from Don and mom...a suite for the two nights that was amazing to say the least!! We are totally spoiled now forever and ever!! It was a great birthday for sure, and Skylar's first trip was a super success!! Can't wait to go back!

Gracie's graduation

Gracie graduated from her Preschool on June 12. What a fun fun day!! Her whole class sang us songs, gave us lunch, and they all got diplomas! I can't believe my little girl is going to start Kindergarten in 6 weeks!!!!! Where did the time go?
Gracie and a few of her girlfriends in front of a wall of their names

Proud girl holding her diploma!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gracie's first chalk drawing

Gracie has made HUGE jumps this year. I am just in awe at how much she is learning at preschool and am so thankful that the CVRPD exists so we can afford it. When she started school, we were getting scribbles and messy lines. After a few months, the artwork improved tremendously and I could actually tell what she was drawing. This picture on her chalkboard was the first time she drew a house and the whole family!! Wow! Never thought I would be so thrilled to be a round head on two sticks, but this momma is PROUD!!! So, the circle in the attic is daddy (he is fixing something), the circle to the left of the door is mommy, the shape in the door is Gracie, and the squiggle to the right is Skylar or Minnie changes daily. She also drew a sun for the first time I saw and a flower all on her own! She is just amazing!!! I am so very happy her imagination is developing so nicely. Kindergarten here we come!!!


So Easter was fun this year!! Totally different than before -- we had 2 little pretty girls to get Easter dresses for!! Thanks to Aunt Becky, Skylar was taken care of...ain't she cute???

We sure had a grand Easter!! We had our time of celebrating our risen Lord twice!! Once at church, and once with the family! It was a blessed time and sure was fun.

Gracie had a great time at Sunday School making disappearing marshmallow rolls...not only were they yummy, but she learned that Jesus was no longer in the tomb! (I guess when you micro the marshmallow wrapped in a crescent roll, the mallow disappears...what will they think of next???) We still hear about the marshmallow..."its gone mommy!! And so is Jesus!! Now He is in heaven and lives in our hearts!" Woo hoo!! She gets it! Praise Him!

I am blessed to have such a great hubby who loves spending time with all his girls! Even though we outnumber him!! He and Gracie had a great time homework, just time. Our week was sure fun...coloring eggs, going to church all fancy, dinner at Goody's, then lunch at Grandma's with the fam and a HUGE egg hunt!! Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful day Easter really is. Without your sacrifice, there wouldn't be an Easter to celebrate. Your love is overwhelming and we are not worthy...thank you for saving us anyway.
Hope you all had a great Easter too! He is RISEN!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skylar's new friends

Over the past 18 days, Skylar has made a lot of new friends. We have tried to capture all these first meetings on film...and to all of you that have helped to make these first few days so memorable, thank you!! We love you all! Mommy, Skylar, and Dr. Lisa Bodon (mommy's doctor...the bestest ever!)
Karen and Skylar...they are so cute!!
Jori's Grandmother and Grandpa...known to the kiddos as Gigi and George (crazy since his name is James...don't ask) and Skylar

James and Skylar...he looks pretty cozy

Stephanie and snuggly!

Dana and Jenna and Skylar...Jenna thought she was cute, but wants Preston to come live with them instead...that ok Ashley? :o)

Miss Courtney and precious!!!

Ashley and baby Skylar in the hospital...she is so tiny!!!

Linda and Skylar...she is so excited knowing she is going to have a great grandbaby soon. She is getting ready.
Auntie Lisa and Skylar...such a sweet face!

Uncle Tim and Skylar...he drove in just to meet his niece, what a guy!!

Aunt Becky and Skylar...can't believe its been over a year since Sydney was this tiny.

Proud Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs and they have two beautiful girls!!

Poppy and Gammy holding their bundle of Skylar...they are thrilled to have two girls, too.

Hello to our new bundle of joy!! Proudest mommy and daddy are so very glad you are here!!!